• In reading, we begin by learning the alphabet and simple words.
  • For math, we focus on numbers, counting, and basic addition and subtraction.
  • We also begin writing by making sentences and small stories.
  • In reading, we start to read simple books and learn more words.
  • In math, we work on numbers, shapes, and measuring things.
  • We start to explore basic science topics, like things around us and the weather.
  • In social studies, we talk about our communities and rules.
  • In reading, we read more and write our own stories.
  • In math, we learn about multiplication and division, time, and money.
  • For science, we explore things like machines, energy, and the sky.
  • In social studies, we discover important people and events in history.
  • In reading, we focus on understanding what we read and writing longer stories.
  • In math, we learn about fractions, shapes, and organizing data.
  • For science, we do fun experiments and learn more about different sciences.
  • In social studies, we learn about other cultures and places around the world.
  • We have tests to see how well we’ve learned, and we celebrate our progress.
  • We also talk about going to second grade and what to expect.
During the year, we’ll pay attention to each student’s needs and make sure everyone has a chance to learn and have fun. We’ll also have special projects and activities to make learning exciting, and we’ll keep in touch with parents to help our students do their best in first grade.  
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