K-12 School Shooting Incidents

Reasons Parents Decide To HomeSchool

  1. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (IES), up to 25% of parents listed safe environment concerns as the major reason for homeschooling. With school shootings and peer-related crimes on the rise, more parents are choosing to educate their kids behind the walls of their homes.
  2. The survey from EdChoice states that 42% of the parents wanted to give the freedom of exploring in their interests before the pandemic.
  3. About 14.5% of parents cited bad academic quality as the main reason for homeschooling.
  4. 13% decided to homeschool their kids because they wanted to provide and integrate religious instruction into the curriculum.
  5. Another group of 7.3% cited special needs as a reason for homeschooling.

Safe Space

Although traditional schools are at the pinnacle of academic learning, it’s hard to say that they’re completely safe for all kids. More often than not, kids get bullied or harassed by their peers and even academic staff. In some cases (such as with special needs children), they may not get all the support they need from school. This explains why many parents choose to take matters into their hands by homeschooling their kids. With homeschooling, you can ensure your child’s safety and create a safe space for them to learn.