“Innovative platform that pays students to learn!”


As A proud CEO, I’m introducing a groundbreaking initiative: an innovative platform rewarding students with a $75 monthly allowance for two months to boost study habits. Our program costs just $250 because we deeply believe in reinvesting in education. We’re on a mission to transform education into the wave of the future once again, and your support is invaluable in making this vision a reality.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kid+allowances

At Norris University, we firmly believe in the transformative impact of education on individuals and communities alike. Recognizing the vital need for support, we have taken proactive steps to create lasting change. Our university has established community groups and launched donation portals, enabling individuals who are passionate about making a difference to contribute meaningfully. Your involvement in these initiatives is crucial in fostering positive change in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can create a brighter future for all. If you have or know an Elementary, Middle, or  High school student this is for you.

ADHD Support: Donations towards ADHD programs are crucial in providing specialized education and resources for students with ADHD. With your support, we can create tailored learning environments, offer assistive technologies, and provide comprehensive counseling services to help these students succeed academically and personally.https://norrisuniversity.com/donations/donation-form-3/

Single Mothers and Sons: Single mothers often face unique challenges in balancing their educational pursuits while caring for their sons. By donating to our programs supporting single mothers and their sons, you are ensuring that these families receive the necessary resources, mentoring, and educational assistance. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for a brighter future for both mothers and sons. https://norrisuniversity.com/donations/single-mothers-and-sons/

Single Fathers and Daughters: Similarly, single fathers and their daughters face their own set of challenges. Your donations will enable us to provide essential support, including educational resources, mentoring, and childcare services, empowering these single fathers to complete their education while nurturing their daughters’ development.https://norrisuniversity.com/donations/empower-the-transformation-helping-dads-raise-confident-girls/

Teen Parenting: Teen parents face immense challenges in balancing their education and parental responsibilities. Your donations will enable us to provide parenting support, affordable childcare services, and mentorship programs, empowering these young parents to complete their education and build a stable future for their families.https://norrisuniversity.com/donations/donation-form-2/

Rehabilitative Adults: Our programs for rehabilitative adults encompass individuals striving for a better life after experiences with drug reform, prison reform, trauma, and accidents. Your donations will support education, vocational training, and counseling services, helping these adults reintegrate into society, find meaningful employment, and lead fulfilling lives. https://norrisuniversity.com/donations/rehabilitative-adults/

Empowerment Monthly Allowance: Norris University is proud to introduce a pioneering initiative—a monthly allowance designed to encourage study habits among our students. We firmly believe that financial stability enhances focus and determination, leading to academic success. We are the first learning platform to offer such an allowance, demonstrating our commitment to our students’ holistic well-being.https://norrisuniversity.com/community-involvement-donation/

By joining us in giving back, you are not only investing in education but also championing a cause that can transform lives and communities. Public schools across the country have become increasingly dangerous, affecting the safety and well-being of our children. Evidence shows a growing teacher shortage, which threatens the quality of education our children receive. We cannot stand idly by; we must act, and we need your help.

Norris University is taking a chance, and we invite you to take this journey with us. Together, we can make a real and lasting impact on education in America. We are not just a learning platform; we are a movement, a force for change, and a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

Thank you for considering our cause. Your generosity can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, where education knows no boundaries and every dreamer has the opportunity to thrive. We look forward to your support and partnership.

With gratitude and determination,

Anthony Norris CEO, Norris University and Advancing Technology Former Educator (21 years) and 18-Year Business Owner


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